• FIBC / Jumbo / Big Bags Manufacturer & Suppliers India

FIBC / Jumbo / Big Bags Manufacturer & Suppliers India

FIBC / Jumbo / Big Bags

Bulk Bags or Jumbo bags are also well known as FIBC bags. FIBC is nothing but a flexible intermediate bulk container that is made from a versatile material that's designed for storing and transporting dry, flowable merchandise, like sand, fertilizers or plastic granules. These bags are ideal as well as economical for packing bulk products.

Jumbo bags are broadly used to store substantial materials. We are masters in making polypropylene texture/fabric in a type of cubic bags. The material is utilized so that it has a single layer inside with an additional lose or laminated layer. The primary component of such big bags is PE liner or Barrier liner utilized with the bag.

It is structured logically such that it helps in storing incredibly heavy weight materials. These Jumbo bags are also accessible with the covered and uncoated assortment. There is a thickness of woven polypropylene that builds the weight holding limit of the jumbo bag.

FIBC / Jumbo / Big Bags Manufacturer & Suppliers India

We are masters in making tailor-made bags as per the necessities and prerequisites of the customer. We are experts in making decent yet powerful jumbo bags with additional manual printing facilities. As per specification, we do also provide lamination. We are well known in the market as a world-class quality bag provider.

For packaging of chemicals, food grains or fertilizers or building materials, we supply exceptionally designed jumbo bags. We use special denier with thick woven polypropylene threads. There are different range and varieties, shapes and size Jumbo bags are available as per customer requirement.

FIBC / Jumbo / Big Bags Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

The flexible intermediate bulk container is called FIBC. FIBC bags are popularly known as Bulk bags, big bags or jumbo bags. FIBC containers can store heavyweight material ranging from 500 kg to 2500 kg. These bags are made up of polypropylene, petroleum-based material.

FIBC bags are available in different shapes and sizes with a variety of loading capacity. Depending on the customer need and application area, FIBC bags can be manufactured in a customized pattern.

SWL that is a safe working load for bulk bags is nothing but the amount of weight a bag can sustain safely.

There are different common types of FIBC bags are available in the market. Circular or U panel bags are the most commonly used type of bags. Circular or tubular, 4 panels, U panel, baffle are the most common shapes available in the market. FIBC bags are typically used for Food grade bags, UN bags, Chemical bags, Liquid bags, Multi-trip bags static or conductive bags, Jumbo bags, HOP bags, Sandbags, Garden waste bags, Flood protection bags, potato bags etc.etc.

FIBC bags are classified based on the fabric electrostatic classification. Type A bags are with no electrostatic protection, Type B bags are with surface breakdown voltage 6Kv. Type C bags are electrically conductive or groundable and Type D bags are static dissipative bags.

FIBC bags have a very long shelf life. However, depending on the storage condition, temperature, humidity, and other weather conditions, the FIBC storage life depends.

We can reuse the FIBC bags. Multi-trip bags like 6:1 are designed to use for a specific amount of uses. It is recommended to check the condition of the bag before reuse.

Yes FIBC bags are made up of virgin polypropylene so they can be recycled.

  • Inlet and openings
  • Top
  • Body
  • Lift loops
  • Bottom
  • Outlet or discharge spouts
  • Ties, clips, buckles
  • Other specialized parts

No, FIBC bags are not waterproof bags, the fabric is made up of woven material. So these bags usually get laminated or coated from outside to give a moister barrier.

Typically white is the most commonly used color. However, you can get colored fabric as per your requirements.


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